Accept Online Payments at the most Competitive Rates

Gain Access to a Growing Portfolio of Payment Processing Solutions

Real Money Gaming and Sports Betting

Provide gambling and betting merchants with a secure one-stop-shop for online transactions

Forex and Trading

Extensive international banking and partner network to process credit and debit cards

Digital and E-commerce Industries

Offer secure and seamless transactions to process payments in over 100 currencies

All-in-one Payment Service Provider

MMG Pay provides you with an easy all-in-one payment solution for single payments, subscriptions, and acquiring. No matter the size of your business, MMG Pay is a stable, secure, and PCI DSS compliant payment provider.
Support for multiple currencies
and payment methods
High-risk merchant gateway and extensive risk
management and PCI DSS compliance
Access to merchant accounts or aggregated
accounts at the acquiring bank
Swift onboarding and instant
payment portfolio access
Accept online payments via the most
popular payment methods
One place to manage all
your merchant data

Gain Foothold in New Markets

Reach new customers through our vast network of global payment processors as well as local and alternative payment methods.
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Hosted Cashier

Hosted payment page designed for businesses that need safe and secure payment acceptance and withdrawal options.
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Platform Solution

A comprehensive set of tools and reporting that enable you to start processing payments right away. With built-in onboarding and risk solutions, the platform ensures secure payment processing as well as PCI-DSS compliance and 24/7 fraud monitoring.
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MMG Pay helps you launch into new markets fast and easy with plenty of payments options, swift automation tools, real-time insights and improved customer experience. We’d love to chat about how we can transform your business.
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